Scholarships for Leadership Academy



Scholarships for the West Central Mountains Leadership Academy:

  • Raise scholarship monies for participants
  • Outreach to business community
  • Public outreach for program participation
  • Hold leadership courses


Leadership in any community is a priority in order to lead the charge ahead to broader horizons. The West Central Mountains Economic Development Plan recognizes this and chose to provide $1,000 towards scholarships and the promotion of the leadership academy. The leadership academy is organized by a steering committee through the McCall Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. Plans include promotion of the program and the scholarship opportunities through local newspapers; electronic correspondence to individuals and local business; meetings with local business; determination of scholarship recipients and successful completion of the next session of the leadership academy.

The purpose of the West Central Mountains Leadership Academy is to provide a forum which participants can have a focused opportunity to hone their leadership skills through workshops and activities in a group setting that nurtures free thinking, idea-sharing and problem solving. These emerging and existing leaders will be educated and challenged as to the needs and potential of the community in addition to the dynamics of social and economic challenges. Through the experience, a “can do” attitude emerges, which aids in providing common ground for working on present and future community projects.

The continued growth of the area, which includes Cascade, Donnelly, McCall and New Meadows, signals the need for trained, informed and responsible leaders. The West Central Mountains Leadership Academy seeks individuals who are interested in developing their skills as leaders, increasing their knowledge of our community, and exploring what their role can be in actively participating in community affairs.

The monthly sessions are broad areas of focus in order to explore many parts of that particular subject and its relationship to the principles of leadership. Through experiential learning participants are immersed in our area through listening to professionals in their fields and engaging in hands-on activities that bring the topics to life.

If you or your business would like to participate as a student in the academy, supporting employer, scholarship fund donor or general program organization, please call the McCall Area Chamber office 208-634-7631.