West Central Mountains Housing Trust

We have a success from one of the initiatives from the America’s Best Communities competition!

The Housing Trust Board has been elected and is actively pursuing funding for work force housing.

The 501C3 has been filed and the Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of Idaho. The bylaws are being completed and will be adopted to complete the formation of the Trust in July.

The Board currently has 9 members with a potential for 12. The officers elected by this group are Chance Hobbs, President, Michael Everett, Vice President, Brad Farrar, Secretary and Cynda Herrick Treasurer. Others are Shannon Vick, Cynthia Kutzner, Mary Knuckols, Jonne Hower and Karla Miller. There are representatives from professional backgrounds with working knowledge of the housing industry. As a board of directors, they will research workforce housing opportunities and best practices and initiatives to supply workforce housing to the industry.

Thank you all for volunteering your time and energy to this very necessary strategy. They will work to provide housing for those in the area that are teachers, nurses, fire fighters, police officers, government employees and those working in the service industry. We must maintain housing for these that take care of us each day and need to live within the community they serve.

If you are interesting in filling one of the remaining board positions or would like information on how you can assist in this project, please send an email to: