Forest Restoration Services Directory


The “Restoration Means Jobs in Central Idaho” report completed for the Salmon-Challis National Forest found that the skill sets needed to perform restoration work were not always present in the region. The report recommended a restoration services directory be prepared to help raise awareness of local business and non-profit organization capabilities to perform restoration work.

This same reasoning is being pursued for the Payette National Forest of the West Central Mountains. In many cases, businesses in the West Central Mountains do not have the capacity or desire to be a prime contractor for federal agencies. They are, however, willing and able to perform work as subcontractors to a prime. Giving these prime contractors a centralized directory of skills available in the West Central Mountains (Payette National Forest) would be an immense help to the local workforce, connecting them to restoration job opportunities.

Partners at Idaho Department of Labor and Department of Commerce will work with the Valley County Economic Development Council to develop this directory and make sure that contractors who are doing business with the government in the Payette National Forest are made aware of the directory in hopes that new subcontracting opportunities can benefit the local workforce.

If you would like to participate in this effort or be part of this directory, please email: