Expand Bus Service


As part of our 11-month implementation plan, we are tasked with exploring expansion of the current transit system into Meadows Valley.

As an expansive community, we know that public transit is a key to our area’s growth and sustainability. People in our area currently use and will use public transit for:

  • Employment
  • Medical Appointments
  • Education
  • Recreation / Tourism
  • Shopping
  • Banking
  • Exploring Entrepreneur Opportunities
  • Expanding horizons

Team members have already met with Treasure Valley Transit (the organization currently managing the McCall Transit and Valley County Transit).  mcall transit

Riders in our area are diverse and come from several socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, with varying abilities.

During our first meeting we identified additional stake holders that should be at the table. Potential or Current Partners in this particular implementation:

  • Adams County Health Center
  • St Lukes Hospitals & Clinics
  • New Meadows, McCall, Cascade and Council Senior Centers
  • Adams County Courthouse
  • McCall Area Chamber of Commerce & Vistor’s Bureau
  • City’s of New Meadows, Cascade, McCall, Donnelly and Council
  • Adams and Valley Counties
  • Employers in both Adams and Valley Counties
  • Treasure Valley Transit (Mountain Community Transit)
  • Major Employers like:
    • St Lukes Hospital & Clinics
    • Brundage Mountain Resort
    • Tamarack Resort
    • Family Dollar – New Meadows & Cascade
    • Adams County
    • Valley County
    • City of McCall
    • Meadows Valley School District
    • McCall-Donnelly School District
    • Cascade School District
    • Council School District
    • Albertsons Grocery Store
    • Ridley’s Market
    • Tamarack Energy
    • Evergreen Forest Products
    • US Forest Service

What are our next steps with this initiative?

  • Public Outreach for needs assessment
    • We are currently developing a survey that will be sent out electronically as well as in person to potential stakeholders.
  • Explore Grant Funding opportunities
    • Treasure Valley Transit will be applying for funding this fall that will help to offset operational and capital costs of a new line to include Meadows Valley.
    • Explore grant match funding – Cities, Counties, State of Idaho, Major Employers, Private Donors.
    • Explore Sustainable Funding – Idaho is one of only two states in which Public Transit is NOT publically funded at the state level.
  • Implement route
    •  Develop route to include Meadows Valley and possibly include all population centers in Adams County

If you represent any of the above mentioned entities, employers or are a potential rider, we would appreciate having you on our team! Email one of us below to see how you might be able to help!

Mac Qualls – City Clerk / Treasurer – City of New Meadows (cityclerk@newmeadowsidaho.us)
Steve Berry – Business Owner – Battery Universe (sberry@battery-universe.com)
Nicole Musgrove – Manager – McCall Chamber of Commerce (nicole@mccallchamber.org)
Rob Terry – Mayor – City of Cascade (mayorrob@cascadeid.us)
Terri Lindenberg – Executive Director – Treasure Valley Transit (terri@treasurevalleytransit.com)
Steven Hackler – Operations Manager for Mountain Community Transit