Construct Trail Kiosks with Donation Boxes

The West Central Mountains has an incredible network of beautiful trails through the Payette and Boise National Forests. As Federal budgets are cut, funding for trail upkeep is usually diminished as well.

Many groups such as Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association (CIMBA) have done incredible work keeping trails maintained through volunteer efforts, but it is a monumental task. To assist the efforts of these groups, The West Central Mountains will be building kiosks at key locations near trails.

These kiosks will provide useful information for users of the trails, such as trail maps, and will also have a box for donations to go toward trail maintenance. Research has shown that recreational users of trails would rather have the opportunity to donate toward upkeep of the trails they love than to be forced to purchase passes. Money collected will be used specifically for improvements and maintenance for these trails.

Volunteers will be needed initially to help construct the kiosks. If you are interested in helping keep our trails in pristine condition, please contact:

Larry Laxson: