Community Gardens

Meadows Valley Community Garden
GROW your community through gardening!

Contact information: Donna Eggleston at

Below is an overview of the timeline / schedule of how this project might unfold.

Beginning the Process:

Identify a location, water, partner organizations and form a steering committee  

Summer 2016 – Steering committee meets to begin implementation.
The Steering Committee needs to be diverse and each member needs to contribute to different parts of the project. When forming the Steering Committee it would be important to find participants to play each of these roles. Steering Committee members need to join with an understanding that it is a working committee.

Steering Committee members / roles

  • Connection with School – Shop Class, design and build raised beds….
  • Connection with partner organization (hosting the garden at location)
  • Connected community member(s) to help spread the word – engage community
  • UI Extension – provide, education, policy and garden guidelines
  • Connected to Nursery or experience with equipment / installation
  • Master Gardeners – education, volunteerism, role models

Fall 2016 – Beds built and installed before snow falls – soil, irrigation, etc

Winter 2016 – finalize garden guidelines and bi-laws, continue to advertise and fill garden beds, collect fees

Spring 2017– Unfold Online Victory Garden Series:
Gardening Education for plot participants or community members in general – identify location to host classes

Summer 2017 – Plant beds, open and close garden, ongoing trouble shooting


To participate in the community gardens, please contact:

Donna Eggleston at