Sector Development Analysis

Area Sector Analysis Program
University of Idaho Extension, Valley County
April – November 2016

ASAP is a tool to help achieve sustainable community development. A trained ASAP specialist works along with a community representative to compile data using methods designed specifically for ASAP. Community goals and priorities are captured by survey responses of community members. These goals are classified into 3 general categories (economic, environmental, social) and ranked by importance. 

Community goals are combined with business survey responses, community asset inventory, and national and community productivity measures (e.g. employment level, production volume, import/export measures) to produce community desirability and compatibility indexes for each  business sector.

Involvement in the process requires a commitment to attend ASAP meeting and assist in survey taking as follows:

Steering Committee Commitment to ASAP process:

  • Attend all meetings (5 total)
  • Collect at least 10 survey’s from targeted stakeholder groups throughout the WCM
  • Participate in inventory asset collection for one of the following communities: Cascade, Donnelly, McCall, and New Meadows.
  • Analyze the data/results in the Fall of 2016.

Please mark your calendars for future Zoom / live meetings. The meeting location will rotate throughout the West Central Mountains. If you are not able to attend in person, there will be an opportunity to connect via conference cam or phone.


  • June 21st -11 to 1pm – (EOC Cascade)
  • July 19th – 11:00am – 12:00pm
  • Summer Conference Cam Meeting, we will not be meeting at a physical location

-August 16th – Survey’s and Community Inventory Sheets due to Melissa, please deliver or mail to the UI Extension Office in Cascade.
Physical Address:
501 Kelly’s Parkway
Cascade, ID 83611

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 510
Cascade, ID 83611


  • September 27th – 11 to 1pm New Meadows (Meadows Valley Public Library)
    *PLEASE NOTE – September meeting is the Fourth Tuesday of the Month!
  • October 18th – 4 to 6pm McCall (American Legion, below City Hall)
  • November 15th – 11 to 1pm Donnelly (Donnelly Fire House)

For more detailed information about the program, please see the following PDF: