Economic Strategy

The West Central Mountains Regional Economic Development Strategy (Strategy) represents a shared vision for social and economic prosperity for the cities of McCall, Donnelly, Cascade, and Meadows Valley, as well as unincorporated areas of Valley County. The Strategy identifies the strengths and economic trends of the region’s economy, and develops long-term strategies for leveraging these strengths. The Strategy outlines short-term projects or programs that harness local resources to achieve the long-term vision. The goals, objectives and strategies developed during the planning process will help individual and collective communities capitalize on their current economic position and respond to changing socioeconomic conditions for years to come.

The Strategy focuses on the following elements that build community economic resiliency:
• A deep understanding of the region’s identity for continued public engagement and collaboration.
• An extensive public involvement process to define the vision for future economic growth.
• A Vision that leverages local assets for a sustainable approach to economic development.
• A variety of short-term and long-term tactics that will help achieve the long-term Vision.
• An implementation plan that provides a blueprint for future action.

The West Central Mountains Economic Development Strategy is designed to achieve the Vision Statement by focusing on six core challenges affecting the regional economy:

1. Jobs
2. Housing
3. Transportation and Infrastructure
4. Educational, Cultural and Recreational Opportunities
5. Health and Wellbeing
6. Regional Communication

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Economic Development Strategy