Cascade 5th Graders Rock!

The 5th graders at Cascade Elementary showed their civic pride by composing some fantastic essays about their love for the West Central Mountains and the quality of life we enjoy here. Thank you, Cascade Elementary 5th Graders! #ABC50

Here are 4 of those fantastic essays:

1. “I love living here because the mountains are really beautiful and the flowers are also pretty. The people in our mountain community are very helpful and kind. The activities here are really fun.

Going snowmobiling in the winter time and going to the golf course to sled down the steep hills are great adventures. I also like going to the mountains here because you can go skiing, hiking, and snowboarding. The lake is nice to swim in the warm summer and go ice fishing in the winter. Kelly’s whitewater park is also a fun place to go because you can go paddle boarding, surfing, and you can kayak.  20150702_114025

The wildlife here is really amazing, you can see white tailed deer, elk, coyotes, foxes, bears, and all sorts of birds. I like osprey the most. I love deer and bears. During hunting season I see a lot of those animals, because my dad and mom hunt. They are really beautiful creatures in nature.

I have lived here my entire life and the nature here just gets more beautiful. Living here has been a blast throughout the ten years I’ve been here. My dad has lived here his entire life too. My brother has lived here his entire life too. I love living in this mountain community. My parents are very nice loving people and help a lot. My friends are really nice to me and they’re super fun to hang out with. My brother is funny and very kind and helps me a lot too.”

2. “I have lived here my whole life because my mom and dad met here and stayed here. Both my parents have lived here their whole life too. They were raised here and they had a fun childhood here so they wanted to raise their family here. I am glad because I have lots of fun activities and things to do.

I am going to say here my whole life, because I want to raise a family here so they can have the opportunities I have. I will stay here because many generations have lived here that are related to me. I want my future family to see this beautiful town.

I love the great smells. I enjoy that it is small and that there’s only one of everything. One Family Dollar, one D-9, and one amazing small town. I like it because our mountains surround us. I think it is an amazing sight for us and our tourist. It’s beautiful. Its great when I wake up christmas morning and it’s snowing and I can look at the mountains and it’s just beautiful. I think it’s fun how we can go outside and build snowman. I like how we will go to boise and there will be no snow and then we come back home and there’s the pretty white fluffy snow.

I like that everyone knows everyone. I love how nice the people are here. If someone is down I’ve seen this town move mountains for them. Everyone thinks of others. We have the food pantry to help people and people often donate money to the people with cancer that don’t have enough money to pay for medical bills.

I like that we have many activities. On our lake we can go wakesurfing and practice for competitions. We have the rodeo and fair each year. We have Kelly’s Whitewater Park where we can go tubing and play in the water and discover things.I enjoy that the mountains are around us to go hunting.

I enjoy the wildlife because I will wake up and see deer and elk in the yard. I love when we go on drives and see all the animals. I feel like the animals kinda keep us safe like there our guards. Thankful for this amazing town.”

3. “I have been here 7 years. Those years have been amazing to me because I have tons of frieIMG_2606 (1)nds and awesome teachers who teach me a lot especially Mrs. Dilenge. We moved here when I was 3. I would stay here because the community takes care of me. I wouldn’t want to move away and never see them again. I also would stay here because the population is small and I don’t like big populations. I don’t want to ever leave the beauty of the mountains and wildlife. The wilderness and the beauty of the mountains make me love the community.

The activities here are so fun. People can go camping and swimming. There’s art, golfing, boating, and I can ride horses, and dirt bikes. I love our mountain community because I can go ride four wheelers in the mountains.

The mountains give me an opportunity to get out of the house and go camping. I love the wilderness because I can go get wood and stay warm for the winter. I love the smell of the pine trees. The creeks are amazing because I can swim in them when I am hot. The wilderness is like my home because I can do more than I could do in the city. I can shoot guns here but I can’t in the cities. The wildlife here are so beautiful and I can enjoy the animals. There are bears, wolves, deer, elk, and rabbits.”

4. “I have been here for 4 years. My mom and dad did not grow up here. We came here because my mom and dad got a job here, my dad works at Granite and my mom works at the courthouse. I started school here in second grade and have been here ever since. I hope that we don’t move from Cascade. Since I have been here I have got to do a lot. I have stayed here because all my friends are here and some of my family. I have stayed here because of the school and the teachers. They are all very nice and the school is small so it is a lot easier to do things and learn things.

I love cascade because I get to see so many beautiful views of the mountains and lakes. We have a lot of wildlife in Cascade we have deer, wildcats, bears, foxes, and many more. The wildlife is very cool to see and hunt.

The people that live here are very kind. I love all the people here it would be sad if they left. The activities you can do here are endless. You can hike, hunt, swim, surf, paddle board, raft and many more. my favorite activities are surfing and basketball and swimming. The activities are really fun up here. It would be sad if we lost some of our activities.”cascadefoodbank

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