Poems of Valley County ABC50

Selected Poems of Mike Fairchild, inspired by Valley County Idaho


A River runs through the Valley,
It comes from the mountain above.
Rapidly through a deep canyon,
Winding slow toward the ocean below.
9_10_15, 4:22 PM


Fed from the snow of winter,
Filling clear Lakes in spring.
Making green fields in summer,
Reflecting the colors of fall.


Above it soar bald eagles,
On a rock, a grizzly bear.
Within a returning Salmon,
Drinking from, a lone Mule Deer.


Gently swaying in the wind,
Mighty Ponderosa Pine,
Mirrors itself along the shore,
with jagged Peak behind.


The moon and stars brightly shine,
over this land of Indian name.
Mountain glows in morning sun,
In a Place called Idaho


9_10_15, 8:51 AM (2)PORCH
 I sit upon the porch today,
soaking up the quiet.
It’s nice to find a small delay,
in life’s continual riot.
I listen to an awesome song,
in the wind and trees above.
Birds they sing all day long,
distant wooing of a dove.
I drift into a peaceful slumber,
basking in the mountain summer.
Soon the rain and snow will come,
But that’s another story,
I’ll just enjoy, I’m living now,
In God’s Creative Glory.


 I sit beside the fire,20150106_173339-1
looking out among the trees,
A foot of snow, it fell last night.
Now the sun is shining bright.
No, I will not wonder out,
I know that i would freeze.
I’ll just sit, enjoy the sight.
warm and cozy by the stove.
As I look out across the snow,
Last night oh how the wind did blow.
This just feels so very right,
God’s Creation within my sight.